Cardiogirona's mission is to diagnose, treat and prevent cardiovascular disease. This is possible thanks to our specialists, cutting-edge technology, personalised care and regular follow-ups.

Our core values are based on quality care, commitment, responsibility and excellence in healthcare. Our ability to connect with and understand people is our hallmark and enables us to build doctor-patient relationships based on comprehensive, personalised care.

We excel in operational efficiency, integral management of cardiovascular disease and teamwork to guarantee the best solutions to our patients' problems with expert personnel in each area.

We provide specialist medical consultations and all types of non-invasive cardiovascular tests. In addition, for more complex studies, invasive treatments and surgery, we rely on leading referral centres.

Diagnostic tests

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Colour Doppler Echocardiogram

An echocardiogram is a basic diagnostic method used in cardiology to observe the heart in motion [...]

Exercise test (Ergometrics and Treadmill)

Ergometrics or exercise test is a fundamental diagnostic technique used mainly to [...]

24h Holter ECG Monitoring

This study continuously records electrocardiographic signals on various simultaneous channels [...]

Holter Monitoring of Arterial Pressure

This study continuously records arterial pressure to observe its activity [...]